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Embrace the Seventeen Wave: Best Merchandise to Showcase your Carat Pride

Immerse yourself in the world of Seventeen, the dynamic K-pop boy band that is not just a group of talented artists, but a source of inspiration and love for millions. This South-Korean ensemble, which debuted under Pledis Entertainment in 2015, comprises thirteen exceptional members that all play a part in crafting their distinct self-produced music.

Seventeen, aptly named for the collective synergy of thirteen members plus three sub-units creating one team, has captured hearts worldwide. Known as the ‘self-producing’ idols, the group has an active role in songwriting, choreography, and production, further fueling their unique connection with fans – the Carats.

Our merchandise resonates with that powerful bond, each item a representation of Seventeen’s versatility, energy, and indomitable spirit. Clothing, accessories, albums—the entire spectrum of Seventeen merchandise is at your fingertips. Embrace your Carat status, wear your love for Seventeen, and celebrate the youthful, vibrant energy of the band that has transformed the K-pop scene.

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Can’t get enough of your favorite K-pop sensations? 💥 Time to show off your fandom in style! Discover our official collection and let your inner Carat shine bright! 🎶💖